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The Algarve has much more than beautiful beaches, places of interest and water parks. It has a people rich in traditions, art and knowledge, which often go unnoticed by both visitors and residents.

This store was created at the initiative of its founder, who fell in love, at a certain point in her life, with handicrafts and products from the Algarve region.

It was created with the aim of making known the work of artisans, who with skillful hands, immense creativity and an enormous will execute unique pieces. These are recent arts or passed from generation to generation, where the hard work of determined people is reflected, who do not give up, despite the many difficulties they face, to do what they love most, that is, crafts and demonstration of the Algarve’s culture and traditions.

We also have Algarve´s flavors, treasures with secrets that came from our ancestors and that deserve to be tasted, because whoever tries it never forgets.

If you can't find what you're looking for, ask us. We will be happy to collaborate in your research.

Conceição Guerreiro